How to Opt Out

To opt out of interest-based advertising that happens in mobile apps, you may install the AppChoices mobile app on the Android, Apple, and Amazon Fire OS operating systems, available for download in the appropriate mobile app store. You can find download links for and information about AppChoices at In addition to opting out from companies that participate in AppChoices, you can use your operating system’s settings to opt in or out of interest-based advertising as well as reset your device’s advertising ID (the advertising ID is the unique identifier for your phone that advertisers use to reach you).

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This process usually only applies to a specific device. If you change phones or perform a factory reset on your device, you will have to repeat this process. Also, this process is specific to mobile apps. To learn about opting out of interest-based advertising in web browsers, including your mobile web browser, please see our browser opt-out article.

Opt-Out Issues

If you have already tried opting out using AppChoices and received an error for a small number of companies, it is possible that the affected companies are experiencing a temporary technical issue. The app automatically logs these errors, and the DAA works with the affected companies to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please note that all online services, including advertisers, experience service outages from time to time. This may be a result of a number of factors, including maintenance and system failures, among others. If you find that an opt out is not available for a specific company, please try again at a later date.

What Opting Out Does/Does Not Do

The opt-out process does not opt you out of receiving all ads, only interest-based ads. Interest-based ads, also known behaviorally targeted ads, are ads delivered to a device based on prior internet activity. You will continue to get ads after you opt out; they will just not have any special relevance to your interests. Finally, note that the opt-out process does not have any effect on email listservs, spam, postal mailings, or unwanted telephone calls.

Need More Help?

If you are still having trouble with opting out, or if you still have questions, please contact us using our consumer report form. If you provide supplemental information, we will review your information and determine whether further action is appropriate.