We hope that our knowledge base articles will have all the information you need about interest-based advertising. But you may have a specific question that we haven't covered, or you may want to report that a company isn't following the Digital Advertising Alliance's Principles. In either case, you can write us directly by using our consumer complaint reporting form. Click here to access the form, or click on the words "New Complaint" anywhere on this site. They are usually beneath or directly next to the search bar.

Once you click the link, it will take you to our reporting form.

This page will have several questions with dropdown, tick-box, and text entry fields to help you to report your concerns to us. Pay particular attention to this link on the form:

This "attach a file" link will let you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing (an ad, an opt-out error, etc.) in order to better show us what sort of trouble you are having. This is an invaluable asset in getting to the bottom of some problems, so please include one if it is relevant. For information on taking a screenshot, please see our article, "How to Take a Screenshot."