Political advertising is essential to our democracy. It helps candidates reach their potential voters and assists users in learning about important issues and policies. In the past, you might only encounter political advertising through television, radio, or newspapers. The digital world has allowed for new mediums for political advertising, including through websites, mobile apps, and your favorite social media platforms.


The Digital Advertising Accountability Program focuses on transparency standards around a subset of political advertising known as express advocacy, which means paid-for communications that unmistakably urge the election or defeat of one or more clearly identified candidate(s) for a federal or statewide election. 


If a political advertiser engages in this type of express advocacy, it must follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s best practices for transparency: The Political Advertising Principles


If you believe a that a political advertiser might not be following these Principles, you can file a complaint with the Accountability Program here.


Also, if you have a concerns about interest-based advertising and digital privacy, please review these articles.